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Clinton v. Trump

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Hillary Clinton picked up wins in Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and Massachusetts. She addressed supporters at a rally in Florida and pledged to “work for every vote” going forward.

“We know we’ve got work to do, but that work, that work is not to make America great again,” she said in a direct hit on Donald Trump‘s campaign slogan. “America never stopped being great. We have to make America whole.”

Trump, meanwhile, scored victories in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Virginia, Vermont and Arkansas. He addressed supporters at a rally in Florida.

“This has been an amazing evening,” he said before the last few states were called in his favor. “Already we’ve won five major states.”

He said that he had watched Clinton’s speech and asserted that she didn’t deserve another four years in Washington.

“She’s been there for so long. If she hasn’t straightened it out by now, why elect her again? he said.

Bernie Sanders won Democratic caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota and primaries in Oklahoma and Vermont. He told supporters at a rally in Vermont how much the home-state victory meant.

“It does say something and means so much to me that the people who know me best … have voted so strongly to put us in the White House,” the senator said. “Thank you so much!”

Ted Cruz also notched a home-state victory in the Republican primary in Texas. A good showing there had been crucial for his campaign. He also picked up a win in Oklahoma.

“We are the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump once, twice, three times!” he told supporters at his Texas rally.

Cruz maintained that his camp would emerge victorious “resoundingly” if it were a head-to-head contest.

“For that to happen we must come together,” he said.

But Florida Sen. Marco Rubio did pick up one win over Trump — the Republican caucuses in Minnesota.

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